Daily News is clever!

I am proud of the Daily News.      How do you get readers to snatch up your paper?      Dwell on controversial subjects.
How did they do it today?   
They did not gloss over the pure ‘hubrus’ of Mayor Moak’s Energy Advisory Committee.      They faithfully relayed the arrogance and conceit as purely reported to them.
Abutters are guilty of "over-exaggerating" and the claims against the giant wind turbines are overblown, they claim.   
They hide the fact that the Giant Wind Turbines can be with special permit 400′ high.       They don’t indicate that a business must put the wind turbine on their own property which means many who financially are able will be putting them near residential neighborhoods.         The fact that wind speeds are poor in the industrial park. (But we’ll fix that by making them bigger and better!)      
Safety concerns, quality of life concerns all pooh-poohed.
Reminds me how the abutters to the Crow Lane Landfill were laughed at and denigrated.   That was until Anna Jaques Emergency Room had to be shut down.
Reminds me how the city pooh-poohed the landfill concerns until it was overblown.
Again, this Committee has Giant Wind Turbines on their brains.     The Green Community Act covers many alternative energy sources and includes improved building construction, solar power, geo thermal, hybrid cars, etc.      
Bigger is Better?
-P. Preservationist
PS. What is the difference between the old oil and the new oil?   No difference, they both spell M-O-N-E-Y.
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