Speaking of Local Control

Our politicians apparently didn’t get the memo about last Tuesday’s election – the sheer arrogance and not listening to local concerns.
Now they want to take any control of these Giant Monsters away from local towns and give it to a ‘review board’.    
Can anyone spell LOBBYISTS and special interest?
If this passes, we can see wind farms facing Salisbury Beach and Plum Island and the concerns of abutters and towns disregarded.
If you don’t believe me, just think about our beloved landfill!
-P. Preservationist

The Wind Energy Siting Reform Act is about to be approved by the state senate…


…unless all of us work together again to try to stop it.


Please call your state senator and the senate president to oppose it.


Tell them you oppose Senate Bill No. 2245, and you want them to defend our democratic rights and environmental protections by voting against it.


Your calls and emails over the past few weeks made all the difference and slowed the rush to approve the Act.


Now the governor and his allies have redoubled their lobbying to get it passed.


The only way to stop them is if enough citizens protest this steamrolling of our democratic rights and environmental protections.


If the vote happens this week, it will be on Thursday.


See below for the senators’ phone numbers and email addresses.


Sportsmen’s, environmental, and regional planning organizations have been expressing concern and opposition to the Wind Energy Siting Reform Act for the same core reasons:


The bill allows the state energy board to permit a wind project despite a denial from the town board.


It replaces time-tested environmental laws that everyone else must follow with standards that the state energy board writes, and can waive at its discretion.


It strips just about everyone – except the developer and its allies – of the right to be part of the state energy board’s review or to appeal that board’s decision. The only exception would be for some neighbors.


Many people and groups across the state have expressed opposition, too.


But we all need, once again, to take a few minutes to contact our state senators and the senate president.


Also, please forward this email to everyone you know who might be concerned about the Wind Energy Siting Reform Act.


Please call the office of Senate President Therese Murray.


TEL: (617) 722-1500

FAX: (617) 248-3840


Please call or email your state senator; contact information is below.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senators we are concerned with:


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