Let us stay local

Newburyport residents if not Newburyport itself seems to be increasingly entangled with state and national politics this year.           We’ve got Scott Brown’s father here on Plum Island and now I read that Keith Ablow is considering a run in the far future against Senator Kerry.       Our now-famous Gillis Bridge Rally has grabbed regional and state attention and it seems the Newburyport Democratic and Republican city committees are gearing up for some hard politicking.
And yet, there are so many issues that need to be dealt with here in the city that can’t be easily resolved by campaigning for someone with a ‘letter’ next to their name.     It’s local issues where we have to look each other in the eye as individuals and work toward some solutions.
If we get lulled into the ‘Big’ picture, local challenges can be forgotten or cast aside.       It’s especially true on the ‘Blogs’.      Just because the whole country is going berzerk over a single election doesn’t mean we have to obsess on it.       Let’s realize that national solutions don’t necessarily apply locally.
We have some clear challenges this year that needs our attention.       Let’s stay focused on the local.
-P. Preservationist
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