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How True in Politics

Councilor McCavitt’s observations in the Daily News today were quite true.     Politicians who stand on principled positions and fight to correct often illegal or at the very least hurtful actions in government are often treated as being in the wrong.       This … Continue reading

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House Stories – 53 Warren Street – A Happy Example and Precedent for Adaptive Re-use

The Ocean Steam Mills were incorporated by the Massachusetts legislature in March 1845 by Benjamin Saunders, William Balch and Edward S. Lesley. The purpose was the manufacture of cotton cloth.   The company purchased a parcel of land on the corner … Continue reading

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An Unusually Rich Community

There is one thing that really sticks in my crawl and that is the assursion that Newburyport is "not unusual".           In otherwords, there is nothing very special about our City or our community.       If we were to take a car … Continue reading

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Newburyport, Clipper City

A rather rowsing way to view history! -P. Preservationist  

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LHD Will Protect Newburyport

My wife sent me an Internet link to The Gazzette of Libertyville, Illinois.      This was a town that was filled with boarded up businesses and depressed property values as recently as the early 80’s.    It looked a lot like Amesbury … Continue reading

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I was ready to practise my glazed-eye look last night at the Sewer Commission’s public hearing on the plant expansion.       I was going to do some daydreaming and think about Christmas shopping and other important concerns.       Heck, I am into … Continue reading

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More Voices Needed

I was thinking, when I saw the editorial today in the Daily News, where are all the voices in our city on historic preservation?      I saw a few weeks ago a nice insert by Bill Harris over the Historic Landmark … Continue reading

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