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Newburyport, Clipper City

A rather rowsing way to view history! -P. Preservationist  

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LHD Will Protect Newburyport

My wife sent me an Internet link to The Gazzette of Libertyville, Illinois.      This was a town that was filled with boarded up businesses and depressed property values as recently as the early 80’s.    It looked a lot like Amesbury … Continue reading

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I was ready to practise my glazed-eye look last night at the Sewer Commission’s public hearing on the plant expansion.       I was going to do some daydreaming and think about Christmas shopping and other important concerns.       Heck, I am into … Continue reading

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More Voices Needed

I was thinking, when I saw the editorial today in the Daily News, where are all the voices in our city on historic preservation?      I saw a few weeks ago a nice insert by Bill Harris over the Historic Landmark … Continue reading

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ZBA Report

After all the pushing and prodding for the ZBA meeting last night, I owe everyone a report on what happened.   33 Market Street – The applicants requested a continuance and they were granted one to March 9th, 2010.     They … Continue reading

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Garage is for Us not NED

In today’s article in the Newburyport Business, ‘Holaday wants garage on Titcomb street site’, I took great offense at  Ms. Godtfredsen’s comment.   Julia Godtfredsen, the city’s director of policy and administration, expressed doubts about recommending any site before the … Continue reading

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Winter’s Approaching – There is still time!

There is still time left before winter hits to contact MassSave ( and find out the best way to conserve energy and save money.   I have also provided a special link to, Weatherization Guide for Older & Historic Homes … Continue reading

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Solar Power Links

For those who want to look into solar power, here is a tremendous link not just at products but tax-credits and solar incentive programs.   I have a tiny electric bill but investing in a solar electricity/solar hot … Continue reading

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Wind Turbines & the Parker River Wildlife Sanctuary

I was just reading excerpts from a pro-wind turbine website ( with growing horror as I realized that migratory birds are gravely threatened by Wind Turbine farms.      They quote:  "Higher levels of mortality have been found by some studies of … Continue reading

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ZBA Hearing is still on schedule for the 15th!

Don’t let the absence of the ZBA hearing notice in the paper dissuade you from attending tomorrow night.     It is still on.       The Planning Director has confirmed it.   -P. Preservationist  

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