A Dedicated Lot!

There I was at the end of Crow Lane on this New Year’s Eve out for a hike in the Common Pasture and what a surprise I came upon.       The heavy equipment was fixing a big hole where the Hydrogen Sulfide had broken through.        Standing there glaring was Councilor Derrivan.         
Even thought the DEP’s representative was on sight as well as New Venture’s personnel, complaints began to come pouring in yesterday and today from neighbors of the strong odors.     Councilors Derrivan and Jones came out to find out what was going on.     Brian Derrivan himself found the large hole with the smelly stuff exposed to the air and no one around.       They had to track down the DEP rep to address the situation.        The councilors were wondering if they could get some pay for doing the job the on site people were supposed to be doing.
Thankfully, when I returned to my vehicle hours later, the hole was patched and I could open my eyes without them stinging.   
Well done to a bunch of dedicated politicians.       Let’s send those boys to the State House.      We’d see something done up there!    
On second thought, let’s not share them especially after seeing the list in the Daily News of unfinished city council business.
-P. Preservationist
PS.   Happy New Year!
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