Unease on Easements

I heard some very disturbing news last night.      Recent court challenges on deed restrictions have not been upheld in court.         The best that can be assigned is a 30 year restriction.      To prevent this, if you wish your historic preservation restrictions enforced from owner to owner, you must have approval from the Massachusetts Historical Commission.         This is problematic in that Mass Historic is notorious for being slow in their deliberation in the first place and recently, they have largely been de-funded due to the Commonwealth’s budget crisis.
This is very upsetting because the whole objective of historic preservation is the holy chalise of interior and exterior easements on historic buildings.       In this way, the structure is protected over many generations regardless of the owner!
I am going to make a flurry of inquiries to find out the truth of this news and to find out what historic preservationists must do to see preservation easements become widespread in Newburyport.      We need the confidence as homeowners that after all the legal and financial fuss of imposing the PR, the actual goal will be accomplished!   The city needs to know the goal will be accomplished so they can receive the enforcement funding and have confidence in the act of enforcement.    The citizens need to know that the objective of protecting the historic assets of the city will be accomplished!
Stay tuned.
-P. Preservationist
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