Common Sense & Science Out the Window

I will no longer have any more mention of wind turbines on this blog.       I will leave that subject to be handled by the Citizens for Environmental Balance at and other groups whether pro or con.  
Discussions have no longer bordered on simple logic or practicality or science.      It now falls under topics such as belief, religious fervor and largely the full range of emotions.        Huge abstract phrases such as, "We must save the planet" or "We must stop the oceans rising", "We must do our part to remove our dependence on foreign oil" or "We must be green" flies against any hint of practicality.
Getting into discussions with the pro-wind turbine groups reminds me of my days when I attended a Christian College.      Those who majored in the Bible and in Theology, who were usually idealistic freshman, would get into frenzied discussions on such banal subjects as "God’s charactistics" or "The fruit of the Spirit" or concepts of doctrine.    It wasn’t long before one antagonist would walk away with a bloody lip and the other with a black eye.        Concepts of "God is Love" and moral decency went right out the window in a blaze of hate.          
It won’t be long before both sides will be throwing epithets at each other and making personal attacks.     Friends become enemies and neighbors won’t talk to each other.    As for those groups who have championed environmental concerns for years, I see a great rift opening up.
The one good thing that will result will be the alternative interest in historic preservation which will definitely benefit Newburyport directly and surprisingly will be less controversial!
I think I will do without the black eye.
-P. Preservationist
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