Please don’t elect them!

Please don’t keep electing clueless politicians.      It doesn’t matter if they are liberal or conservative or rogue politicians just don’t let them be lacking common sense or even having no awareness of their surroundings.   
We have had too many elected officials who operated not on reality or even some semblance of problem resolution but solely on bigotry and preconceived ideas.     And I think the worst of them all are the Dark Siders.
Question.     Who gave permission for the Sullivan Building to be built and who allowed it to far exceed the height limits of our city?        Who allowed the Quail Run Neighborhood to be built in the Common Pasture right in the midst of a flood plain?       Who came up with the great idea of putting the Sewer Plant on the waterfront?         Who wanted to save the city money by having an independent company "cap" the landfill?      Who was it that disposed of the HUD plans so we can’t even fix a simple fountain on Inn Street?      Who decided they would put a cell tower at the gateway to the city?      Who allowed a giant wind turbine to be constructed so near to residential property?       Who allowed Cherry Hill and Vinyl Village to be built so close to the state park and over an historic forest?
I could keep on and reveal much of the hairbrained things that have been done in this city but I digress.
The point is that if you elect someone who thinks open space is solely the domain of baseball and soccer fields and wants them put on wetlands or wants to put wind turbines on conservation land, you are taking on expensive trouble.       They usually are so clueless because they are filled with old ideas and preconceived concepts.      The idea that we must develop every bit of land.     That we must invest in any business or enterprise to insure income regardless if it rips the very soul of the community apart and of course my biggest peeve, the idea that cars are everything and pedestrians are a waste of time.         Or another, historic preservation is worthless, malls and shopping centers are the way to prosperity!          
Regardless, it usually takes years if that to recover from such politicians.
All I ask of the voters of Newburyport, "Please don’t!"
-P. Preservationist
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1 Response to Please don’t elect them!

  1. Tom says:

    Hey P,I haven’t seen your real or imagined name on the ballot. If you’ve got all the answers, get into the game.-Tom

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