We have much to be thankful for!

Newburyport has been in a very nice position this last year.       All I keep hearing is woe and worry from citizens and merchants in other communities.        In the beginning of this year, I was wondering if our city would fall into the same fate with a huge number of shops closing and the general economy failing.         It has been rough and if we only focused on our community, we could have much to complain about.       But compared to other towns?          We are the shining light on the hill!
Recent reports by the local papers including the new Newburyport Business shows that we have only had a small drop in the value of our homes and the general condition of our city is surprisingly stable.      
This is Thanksgiving Day.      We could cry about woes in the future, but let’s at least today, thank God for the surprising blessings received in 2008.
We have a thriving downtown and that includes the Tannery.
We have now one of the best Farmers’ Markets in the country.
We have now an industry-leading Newburyport Medical Center.
We have a rather impressive Clipper City Rail Trail taking shape.
We have seen the Harborwalk completed.
Our arts community (which is used to poverty) is thriving.
The Common Pasture and the Little River Nature Trail are doing well.
We have an industrial complex that is holding on rather well considering the global competition.
We have a huge wind turbine. (Celebrated by some.)
We are finally seeing the beginnings of the capping of the Landfill.
We are finally seeing some action taken about saving Plum Island.
We have a new Mayor and City Council that is largely sympathetic to historic preservation and preservation of open spaces. (I am Very thankful.)
We have a location for a senior center, a parking garage and finally the last plan for the waterfront. (Okay, blessings according to my interpretation!)
Let us be thankful for what has been provided to us this year!
-P. Preservationist
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