Newburyport History – Important!

I was sitting at one of the non-profit booths enjoying the concert at Market Square when I overheard a conversation nearby.      Visitors who had never been to the City were talking among themselves.        One commented, "These buildings are so beautiful – does anyone know the history of this place?"      Everyone else exclaimed they had no idea.      Another said, "How come I never heard anything about this place?" *
All of a sudden someone joined the group all excited and had heard the last two statements,
"I just came from the  Custom House and now I know the history of the City!   Let me tell you"   They all rose up and walked beyond my earshot so I couldn’t hear what the Maritime people had told them but obviously it was good because they gathered around the "informed one" listening intently with amazed expressions.      
I just sat there and said to myself, "I have got to tell someone at the Museum what just happened!"      You never know what a little effort can do to make a big impact.
-P. Preservationist
* This I might add is a common refrain usually from someone who stumbles onto the city by accident.       One thing we know for sure, the City and the Chamber have done a bang-up job promoting Newburyport nationally.(sarcasm)      Dark Siders see nothing unique about our city and yet are often entrusted to promote the community.   "Hey World, take a look at our industrial park" is about the best these people can do!  Or, the same old lame statement, "Come see ‘historic’ Newburyport!" as if they have a clue about our history.         To them, history is worthless.     So how can they truly promote our history?    Not long ago, a local blogger sent out excerpts about how Newburyport was ‘nothing special’ and we were delusional about our uniqueness.       How am I not surprised.
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