Preservation Week Details

I am happy to announce the firm itinerary of events for Preservation Week.       The Trust has been busy with an impressive list of sponsors for this year: Newburyport Development, Hall and Moscow, Stone Ridge Properties, Coastal Trails Coalition as well as Historic New England and the Historical Society of Old Newbury:


May 27, Wednesday, at the Phoenix Room, 7 PM – Film, “A Measure of Change” and a presentation of the Powder House Restoration Project.


May 28, Thursday, Library Program Room, 7 PM – Lecture, “Who put the History in the Historic Paint Pallette? Talk by Sally Zimmerman of Historic New England.


May 29th, Friday, Slide Presentation 7:30 at the Firehouse, Lost….Newburyport.    A picture of all the buildings lost to history for the past 150 years.    Done in cooperation with the Historical Society of Old Newbury.   $8.00 Admission.


May 30th, Saturday, “Pedaling Through the Past”, 11:00 to 2:00, Meet at Riverside Cycle and “Four Centuries of Building History”, 3 PM, Corner of Federal & High Streets and “Twilight”, 7 PM, Coffin House, 14 High Road, Newbury, Bethany Groff of Historic New England for a cemetery tour.


May 31st, Sunday, 11 PM, “Four Centuries of Building History” at corner of Federal & High Streets and finally, 4:30, at the Firehouse, Slide Presentation, “Lost….Newburyport”, $8.00 Admission; and preservation awards ceremony and reception immediately afterward.


Sounds like a solid week!


-P. Preservationist


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