Tall Ships on the Horizon


There is quite a bit of buzz about the Black Dog coming to Newburyport.     What so many readers may have missed is the comment in the Boston Globe and the Daily News by New England Development.    They want to make Newburyport a major tourist attraction.     Wow.

So how do you do it?    Do you get a bunch of shops together and say, “That’s Newburyport!”    It’s been tried for the last thirty years and every time it brings disappointment.     Funny, but every other town from Freeport to Kittery to Peabody has shops, lots of shops, really good shops – cool shops.   


Obviously, saying come to Newburyport to shop is nice and all but it won’t turn us into a major tourist attraction.    We need something special, unique, something that turns heads. 


Hey, wait a minute, what’s the nickname for Newburyport?    Clipper City?


Hey, why don’t we have tall ships here?     Hence, the brilliant move by New England Development.    It is no small coincidence that their vehicles have a clipper ship in full sail as an emblem.      Trouble is, we’re missing and have been missing tall ships in Newburyport for years.


We had to wait until we had a decent boardwalk.    We have it.      We had to wait until the power lines that slunk over the river were gone.    Their gone!      We had to wait until the dock area is dredged – plans are in the works.     Now is the time to bring the tall ships back to Newburyport.    There is no real Tall ship port on New England’s mainland until you get to Mystic Connecticut or far up north to Boothbay in Maine.     Newburyport is a perfect and pretty spot close to Boston and major population centers such as Haverhill and Lawrence and Lowell and further up Nashua and Manchester.


The Black dog is bringing one of their tall ships to operate out of Newburyport.    Perhaps later, the Custom House will bring a replica of the first Coast Guard Ship, the Cutter Massachusetts to the docks.     We need Tall ships.


Absolutely brilliant move from New England Development.   


And guess what?     All the hoopla, all the promotion and all the commotion – is going to bring something else  – shoppers.      They may not even go near the tall ships, they may only fondly gaze from the boardwalk or from the comfort of a restaurant but the Tall ship or ships will bring them.


Newburyport, Clipper City; was bred for it!


-P. Preservationist


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